Three Generation Farmers

Mary's Free-Range Chickens are produced by Pitman Family Farms, a family owned business that has been raising poultry for three generations.  Don Pitman began raising free-range turkeys and chickens in 1954.  His son, Rick, continued to raise turkeys and named them after his wife, Mary. Their son, David, continues the family tradition of raising chickens. 

Mary Pitman began 25 years ago, searching for nutritious and healthy food for her family.  By studying the ingredients of every product Mary purchased, she vowed to create a healthy alternative to the foods commonly found full of additives and preservatives.  For this reason, Mary Pitman is proud to put her name on every product from Pitman Family Farms.  Mary’s Free Range poultry products include organic turkeys, chickens, and ducks.  To this day, Mary’s passion to provide nutritious, healthy food for her family remains stronger than ever.