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What Makes Our Chicken Different?
Global Animal Partnership is a non-profit organization dedicated to continually improving the lives of farm animals.  They have developed a 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Standards program that rates the welfare of Chickens, Pigs and cattle. Step 1 to Step 5+ ratings have their own requirements that must be met before certification.  To learn more about the Step 5 Program with Global Animal Partnership. Click Here

Consumer interest in animal welfare is rising as are demands for the quality of meat and poultry. The CAS modifies the atmosphere to induce euthanasia conditions for animals. This gentle technology provides a less stressful experience, contributing to improved animal welfare, better processing conditions and higher quality meat.
Improved animal welfare Processing improvements Higher quality meat
•   Less stress to animals
•   Elimination of broken bones
•   Improved and safer working environment
•   Easier animal handling
•   Elimination of broken bones
•   Reduced meat bruising


•   All chickens have access to outdoors.
•   Outdoor areas include ample water
        and shade
•   Natural behaviors are enriched with:
        bales of straw (used for pecking)
        eucalyptus tree branches (used for playing          and hiding).

•   Chickens live their entire lives on the pastured
•   Robust Breed capable of living outdoors year
•   Carefully hand-raised in small groups  
•   We had to bring a breed all the way from France
       to meet the rating of a 5 Step chicken